Tuesday, September 27, 2011

twelve week old adeline

My sweet baby girl...

The other day I saw a newborn baby and thought, how in the world did you go from that to this in just 12 short weeks?!

The changes in you are absolutely amazing!  

You've always had a pretty strong neck (must run in the family, Hakan was the same way), but you can hold your head up for a long time without any help.  

You LOVE to sit in the bumbo watching everyone, especially your brother.  He can make you smile so easily, you both love each other so much.  

You started smiling around six weeks and just recently really started giggling, it has to be the sweetest sound on earth.

If you're concentrating on something and one of us makes a noise or says something to you, you completely jump out of your skin, get the saddest look on your face and start crying...your daddy says you get that from me...the getting scared part, not the crying of course:)

You get really cranky when you're tired and can hit the most ear piercing notes while crying...something we're not quite used to yet.

You hate your car seat and only fall asleep in it if we are in continuous constant motion, one red light and you're awake and crying.

You're still sleeping in our room because you still wake up 2-3 times at night...and we don't want you waking your brother up...and I kind of like having you close to me:)

It took a while, but you love your pacifier, now I wish you'd be able to keep it in your mouth.

You don't like to wear pants...just happier without them.

You love to be standing up or upright, you'll have none of the cradling.

Your first tooth started poking through at 11 weeks, so early, but just like your brother.

You are able to bring your hands to your mouth to suck...just in time for that tooth.

When we say your name, you look at us.

More spit up comes out of you then I ever thought possible of a baby, sometimes going through multiple outfits and 5 or more burp rags a day...me included.

You could swing and swing forever.

You like to be swaddled, but need to have one arm left free or you get pretty disgruntled trying to get it out.

Everyday you're changing.  It's bitter sweet.  I know how fast it goes and before I know it, you'll be 1.  I want to make sure I don't miss anything and spend all the time I can cuddling with you and your brother.  I want to remember everything. 

I love you my sweet baby.

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