Saturday, December 31, 2011

Six Month Old Adeline

You are already six months old my baby girl...

You love to play with my face when you're nursing, I love it, minus the fact that no matter how often I trim your nails, they're like little razor blades grabbing and pinching.

You're eating solids - rice, squash, peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, and black beans (your dad's idea, they gave you gas).

You roll and roll and roll all over the place.

You can kind of sit up on your own, but if you get too excited you start to sway and topple over.

Your third tooth just popped through on top, so you have two on the bottom and one on top, you really, really don't like getting teeth.

You are still sleeping in our room and still not sleeping well, but a tish better then before.  We think you would love to be in a dark quiet room all by yourself...but that just can't happen in this house.  Also, you slept really well in ND, can't figure out why.  You kind of just sleep for a couple hours and are awake for a couple hours, day and night...

You fall asleep really well, that's a positive.

We took your swing down, you just didn't like it as much as your brother did.

You love the big bouncy seat play thing (don't actually know what you call it).

You poop a ton, just like your brother.

You are so curious and distracted by everything.

You love to play with anything you can get your hands on.

You are absolutely the most adorable baby girl ever and I will never get tired of holding and staring at you.

You absolutely HATE baths!  You do ok in the shower, but still tense up and grunt a lot (it might be because we don't give you a bath very often, oops).

Your hair just started growing, so you have a little tuft on top of your head, I'm pretty sure you'll be blonde like your dad and brother.

Because you started moving and playing with things, Hakan thinks he can now sit and lay on you, roll you over, push you, shove you and take toys away.  All I hear from him now is, "No shishter!"

You love it when you can touch someone's hair or a certain cat, it makes you giggle:)

You are a mama's girl and I kind of love it:)

You change so much everyday, but you're still my baby.

I love you my sweet Adeline!

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Anonymous said...

Awwww, that's so sweet! Good job Adeline & good job mama!!!