Saturday, December 24, 2011

Our Advent Calendar

Bear with me, I'm behind on some Christmas posts I need to get up:)

I decided this Christmas I wanted to do an Advent calendar with Hakan, so I purchased a bunch of little things, a few things he needed, a few art supplies, lots of stickers, and a few randoms.

I had bought a couple of these wire lines from IKEA a loooooong time ago and have been wanting to put them up to hang up pictures and artwork, cause they're just too cute not to hang up and the fridge gets full:)

So I thought this was the perfect time to get one up and use little baggies for the gifts and hang them up there to display.  I bought a little stamp kit from Michael's that has an interchangeable stamp and stamp each day on a bag.  

I think it turned out pretty cute.  And Hakan had a good time opening is "presents" everyday...or every couple of days as we got kind of busy:)

 It was perfect because as we took down days, we put up Christmas cards as we got them to put them on display, I love it!

I think next year we'll go with a smaller version and less presents.

Did you do one with your little ones?

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