Monday, December 12, 2011

Thanksgiving (late)

Happy Thanksgiving!  

Yes, this is late, but we had to take an emergency trip down to Springfield, MO where my in-laws were visiting my sister-in-law from ND and my father-in-law ended up in the hospital with some pretty bad seizures.  I'll put more details in another post, but he's doing ok, not great, but ok.

We spent Thanksgiving at home with just the four of us, nice and relaxing.

So Adeline got her first taste of rice on Thanksgiving, she did pretty well.  Only two weeks later, she's scarfing the stuff down, hungry girl:)

Hakan watching with anticipation as daddy butters the most delicious rolls...he may have eaten just a few.

Yes, we make a ginormous turkey for just us...but for the whole next week we make some amazing leftover turkey meals, so it actually feeds us for a while.  We also get tons of broth made and put in the freezer, there's really nothing better than turkey broth, so flavorful!

Our yummy food:)

We tried making a cranberry sauce that had lemon and orange zest, it literally tasted like you were biting into a lemon, so sour!!  So we tried adding some honey and freezing it into a popsicle for Hakan, but he didn't like it either, even though he kept trying to eat it, oops, we tried:)

It was such a beautiful day, we took a walk to the park after a good nap.

Chocolate Pumpkin cheesecake for dessert.  So good!

We are so thankful for all our family, friends and blessings in our life and we thank God daily.  His love never fails!

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