Thursday, December 22, 2011

I {heart} My Dental Hygienist


I know most people would never utter these words together...usually going to the dentist has "dun dun dun" quality, but for me, I've always loved it!

Part of it might be because my mom is my dental hygienist and has always cleaned my teeth.  It was never a dreaded experience (minus the teeth pulling, but that wasn't my mom), it was a fun time with my mom.

This lady actually brushes after every meal and flosses at least once a day and sometimes twice...I can honestly say I am horrible at flossing, once a week if I'm lucky, and yes, my mom knows this:)  Despite not flossing regularly, I have never had a filling and only had a partial cavity in my 27 years of life.

She's awesome and doesn't hurt, I have gone to other hygienists a couple of times so I know it can.

I know, you think I'm weird and crazy, but come on, who doesn't love the sucky thingy instrument?!  And my mom lets me play with it.  When I get fluoride, it always results in me drooling everywhere and both of us hysterically laughing, love it (not the fluoride part)!  And the bib, come on, it's so pretty;)!

Every Christmas when we go back home to ND, we get our teeth cleaned.  Yes, only once a year, but when you take care of your teeth and are not cavity prone, that's all you need.

My mom prides herself on knowing when people are pregnant before they've told anyone else because you can't get x-rays when you are, so I thought it was a good way to tell her I was pregnant with Hakan 3 years ago.  She was going to put the apron on me and I told her I couldn't get x-rays, she was pretty confused and then it clicked, yay for a grandbaby!

Grandma even looked at Hakan's teeth.  I want him to be comfortable going to the dentist and he did really well this time...there was a sweet little movie about dogs going to the dentist on the tv, so that helped:)

Also on a teeth note, Adeline's third tooth just popped through on top at 6 months, which equals a very unhappy baby...again.

I love my mama hygienist!  Thank you for keeping my teeth healthy and clean:)

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